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265400 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2018‑03‑13 SHarpenbing rock
I took a few more shots and added to this group - scroll to the right, and click
on a shot to enlarge:


The pile of shavings behind the box is Ebony.  I thinned a fretboard and the
shavings are dangerous to have in the shop as they make everything black.  I am
making an instrument out of Alaskan Yellow Cedar and the black from the Ebony
can quickly stain it so deeply you have trouble sanding it out.

The last two shots show the inside of the lid.  I did not clean the area that is
cleaner.  The hole in the middle appears to have a thread groove going down into
the wood, but I am not sure.

Ed Minch
265403 Claudio DeLorenzi <claudio@d...> 2018‑03‑13 Re: SHarpenbing rock
That’s awesome.
Gotta love that box and especially that stone!

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