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265131 Darrell & Kathy <larchmont@s...> 2018‑02‑14 Re: Swedish Chair Part 1
On 12/02/2018 6:32 AM, Ed Minch wrote:
> Dang, my legs ache just looking.  I think they look fine!  Are the joints done
> with wet/dry joinery?  If not, how are they held together??

Ah yes, joinery.  That may be the hardest part of this project.
Here is a picture of the original chair, showing a pegged M&T.
There is another peg through the lower stretcher I can see in
another picture.

Maybe it was wet/dry, but it may have been drawbored.
I'll never know, but since I have little choice in how dry
my stock is, I will peg the joints.


Darrell LaRue
Oakville ON
Wood Hoarder, Blade Sharpener, and Occasional Tool User

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