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265109 Darrell & Kathy <larchmont@s...> 2018‑02‑12 Swedish Chair Part 1

So I mentioned a new project a while back, um, sometime last Spring.
I am working on a reproduction medieval of a chair from Sweden:
This will mean a lot of turning on the pole lathe.  Which means I
need my legs to be in at least reasonable shape.  The sprained
knee I suffered last June put an end to my plans for turning over
the summer, and a lot of other stuff got in the way of any serious
shop time during the autumn.

I dragged my pole lathe down into the basement shop so I could
get back to work on my turnings over the winter.  There is not
enough headroom for the pole, so I am using a bungee cord.
Of course the wood I have on hand is way too dry.  Some red
oak for the posts and the rectangular sections, ash for the long
spindles and maple for the short spindles.  The original chair
was beech, but I will use what I have.

I have been busy over the last week, turning the posts and
most of the spindles.  Oh, man, I should have done some
more practice work with the skew before I butchered those
posts.  Alas, that is the wood I have, and it will be what it is.


The finials are awful loo, but I think I can re-turn them before
assembly.  Which may not happen soon.  I also need to
finish turning the spindles and round tenons.  Then it will
be time for joinery.  That will be a challenge, as the chair
is a trapezoid.  So that's where my project is so far.

ps welcome back John!

Darrell LaRue
Oakville ON
Wood Hoarder, Blade Sharpener, and Occasional Tool User

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