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265093 John Gunterman <jgunterman@s...> 2018‑02‑10 Re: Ahoy, again.
> >no glory photos of your Uni wood shop?  You can’t just tease us all and
> tell us it’s fantastic without at least one photo.

I'll take some happy snaps Tuesday when it's a bit less chaotic in there.
We are still moving from the old premise to the new, right across the
street. The tailed apprentices are in place but need checking and possible
adjusting after being moved (via a bucket-loader) and building new student
workbenches, and clamp racks, and, and, and.... Since I'm T.A.'ing the
class, and been hired as the "Woodshop Attendant", I'm going to be quite
busy for the next few weeks, and I really can't be more delighted!!!!

> One of my wife’s second cousins went to Sterling College on a hockey
scholarship I think

Don't think they ever had a hockey team, pretty small student body here
I know they have a Nordic Ski Team, perhaps?

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