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264735 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2018‑01‑13 55

Good morning

About a year ago one of my nieces came to visit with her boyfriend.  They are in
their mid-20’s and have an idea that learning old crafts is interesting.  When
they were here, we actually used the local tall ship's trunnel making machine to
make a batch for another tall ship - who gets to do that?

This morning they sent me a video that they said reminded them of me.  Roy
demonstrating iron combination planes:


I had not seen this one and learned a few things.  His conclusion at the end is
that the iron planes will do what the wooden planes they replaced could do, but
without soul.

In the last demo showing how the 55 does a small molding with one blade, I
learned about the depth adjustment of the outer skate that I had never

At 19:00 we see the typical very lucky Roy attack a small piece of wood clamped
in his tail vice against an iron dog - and his plane blade misses the dog by
perhaps 1/64” time and time again without him knowing it - at least he didn't
draw blood.

I was looking forward to him making a complex molding to match the wooden plane
he showed, but alas, he didn’t get that far.  To me, that would be the reason to
have a 55 in the shop.  The complex molding has you changing blades and
locations as you march across the width of the board, and I wanted to see that.

Does anyone know of a good demo video for that part of the 55??

Ed Minch

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