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264732 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2018‑01‑13 Re: A tad OT, but related: Making pencils
On 2018-01-12 8:12 PM, Dwight Beebe wrote:
> Oy!  Working late at school on report card narratives.  And yes, losing my
> mind.  Please slide the spittoon down this way.
> https://goo.gl/gxnrC7

Well, if you like this, you might like to see a Brit TV special that's 
called 'Make Me A German', in which a British couple go to Germany to 
see what's different in their way of life. The husband goes to work in a 
small modern factory where they manufacture high-quality artists' 
pencils. It's an enlightening show in more ways than one, and well worth 
the time if you come across it. Sorry, I can't provide a link.


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