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264718 <gtgrouch@r...> 2018‑01‑12 Re: Which way does crotch wood move
With crotch wood, you have to examine each piece. But a general rule of thumb is
to cut slabs from the trunk perpendicular to the branch.

YMMV, Gary Katsanis
Albion New York, USA
(waiting for the weather to drop alnost sixty degrees over the next two days)

---- Joseph Sullivan  wrote: 


I have a fair amount of walnut crotch wood, cut from a tree on my mother's
land years ago.  There are two forms:  the real exotic flamey kind with
grain in all directions, and the ones cut from near the split that are
partial ellipses.  I am trying to design using both.  SO, does anybody know
how the grain expands and contracts in crotch-wood:

a) the flame kind; 
b) in the ellipses that sort of look like they are flatsawn but with the
grain following the elliptical shape and a lot of reversals and exotic



Joseph Sullivan

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