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264710 David Nighswander <wishingstarfarm663@m...> 2018‑01‑11 Re: When Good Squares Go Bad
I use the same rig for my plier and screwdrivers. I’m going to borrow your
square idea though. I have most of mine in the measurement tools drawer in a
divider. But I wanted to have some on the wall rack behind the wood working
bench.  I have two of mine flat against the board and it takes up too much
space. Real estate over the bench is a scarce commodity.  I thought about
stacking them but got hung up on the idea of putting them one behind the other.
Thanks for sharing.

From: scott grandstaff<mailto:scottg@s...>
And here are 6 small squares in 5" of space. This was a recent quickie
trial using a "scrap 'o woodply" off the floor.    I'll make a cuter one
later. haahah

   yours scott

    Scott Grandstaff

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