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264150 Gye Greene <gyegreene@g...> 2017‑12‑05 Go-to tools/Minimal tool kit - Was Re: My great adventure

Granted most of my recent tasks are "around the house carpentry", and/or
unfinished projects..

-Marking knife
-Permanent marker (or grease pencil, whichever is closer)
-((Power drill, plus bits))
-Coarse ripsaw
-One chisel (about 3/4")
-File (for wood shaping)

Whoops!  Okay, that's eleven.  I hadn't actually tallied.  (Good thing I
put a question mark after "8"!)   :)

Depending on how you view "tools"

-Doweling plate
-Cork sanding block
-Bench hook
-Glue bottle (PVA)
-Tool oil squirter (a repurposed laundry stain remover bottle)
-Oily rag
-Sharpening things
-Danish oil/tung oil
-Another rag

A year ago I'd have included my scrub plane and a jack plane -- but I
haven't used those for a while.  And my router plane.  And a big-ass
crosscut saw that I re-filed into rip, that I use for converting firewood
into rough boards (but haven't done that in about half a year).

Again, I'm currently in a "rustic look, fit-for-purpose" mode.  Nothing
finely finished recently.

I have a three week vacation coming up in March:  I'll either

1) do some "nicer" woodworking then -- or

2) pull nearly everything out of the shed/workshop (the size of a 3-car
garage; 1/3 is my workshop, 2/3 is the family "attic/basement"), pile it on
the lawn, and re-sort and put away properly.  And also build a mini-carport
for my lumber:  I'm violating the Schwarz rule of "Don't store lumber in
your workshop":  years ago I built some "suitcases, etc." shelves -- but
somehow they all have salvaged/"found" lumber -- so the "family storage" is
piled on the floor, in front.  Whoops.


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