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264129 Josh Schulte 2017‑12‑03 Re: My great adventure
When I read your question my first thought was a workbench too. I've spent a lot
of time driving around the country living out of my truck. I know that every
inch of your space will be a very valuable. (Don't forget to save a bit of space
for some awesome finds at antique stores and flea markets along the way if you

So what about the Schawrz milkman workbench?

I would think you would want a space saving toolchest too.

A couple other things not to forget would be
- Small set of clamps- Sharpening kit
Happy travels!
      From: Timm Thompson 
 To: OldTools@s... 
 Sent: Saturday, December 2, 2017 11:48 PM
 Subject: [OldTools] My great adventure
I haven't posted for a long time. I am in the process of purchasing a cargo
van to convert to a RV. The plan is to travel around the country and fish,
camp, visit friends family and via ancestry.com follow roots around the
country. Now the question is as I travel around I plan using old tools to
create my rv interior and have a traveling workshop, what tools would you
on the porch suggest as a compact tool kit to accomplish this task? I have
some hand saws, planes, chisel, froe, maul, axes and such. I would really
value some input to help me. Roy Underhill has helped inform me, his school
in North Carolina is a destination too. Thanks for your past information.
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