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263955 <gtgrouch@r...> 2017‑11‑15 Re: what's on your bench
I'd go to the Bodger's Ball, but I'm afraid I'd take a turn for the worse.

Safer to stay home, Gary Katsanis
Albion New York, USA

---- Darrell & Kathy  wrote: 

On 14/11/2017 12:35 AM, curt seeliger wrote:
> After spending a weekend cleaning the garage, I have a load of dishes  > & c.
to catch up on. https://www.i
nstagram.com/p/BbaTw7bnLfE/ Ahh, Curt is
doing greenwoodworking.
Are you interested in a really cool greenwood event next May?
The Bodger's Ball in the UK is loads of fun.
SWMBO and I are returning for the 2018 Ball.
And we have maybe got another Galoot interested as well.
Nudge nudge.
Your slope is already greasy, right?

Darrell LaRue
Oakville ON
Wood Hoarder, Blade Sharpener, and Occasional Tool User

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