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263949 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2017‑11‑14 Re: Protuberance on chisel (upper ferrule)
On 2017-11-14 9:32 AM, Claudio DeLorenzi wrote:
> Re Schlagring
> I have an old German dowel plate that has Schlagring stamped onto it. Maybe
> it means round metal thing also?
>    Just checked on the confusor, and Mr Google says it's slang for knuckle
> dusters ie brass knuckles, haha.  A new use for my dowel plate!

dictionary.com reveals "Austrian German Schlag, short for Schlagobers 
whipped cream, equivalent to German Schlag blow (noun corresponding to 
schlagen to strike..."

Apparently it can be used in the context of whipping, striking or hitting.


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