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263510 Michael Suwczinsky <nicknaylo@g...> 2017‑10‑12 Re: Cast iron sash weights
I've heard tale of square or squarish sash weights being made of old
wrought iron, while the round, cylindrical type are cast iron.  Years of
poking thru the pile at my local recycler never yielded anything but the
cast weights and I gave up.  Looking for wrought iron on the West Coast has
proven to be a fools errand outside of Gold Country it seems.
I kept a cast iron sash weight on a roller chain as a hold down across my
anvil, at least till a more convenient cannon ball-with-a-ring showed up.

Michael-with Beijing level air quality in San Francisco.

On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 6:52 PM, Erik Levin via OldTools <
oldtools@s...> wrote:

> Gary asked:> How would you handle shipping to western New York? I have an
> 1850s house with
> > about 30 windows and there are a few missing weights here and there. I'd
> bet you can find them locally on CL for less than shipping, but if not,
> feel free to contact me directly via email. A real quick search shows new
> can be had for about $2.50/lb, but in modern square section stackable. I
> didn't see any traditional style round-with-eye type. None listed on CL
> ithaca or rochester, though there are several listings  in my area that
> have not moved for several months. I'd have to mass them to be sure, but,
> as I recall,I have 4lb, 6lb, and maybe some heavier.
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Michael Suwczinsky

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