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263293 Thomas Johnson <drthjo@g...> 2017‑09‑11 Mouldy (moldy) Padouk
Greetings gathered gang of experts -

Several years ago I turned a bowl from padouk .... nice enough job - 8-9"
diameter and 2 1/2" high.  I sat on the shelf and got greener  by the day.
I boxed it up and sotred it above the garage ... 8 years ago.  I dug it out
yesterday ... steel wooled and waxed it, and already it's turning fuzzy
green.  WTF?
Demon bowl?
I'm about ready to immerse it in vinegar .... amonia ??? I dunno ...
something has to kill the growing menace.

Any of you ever encounter this?  Any idea how to attack the problem?

Thanks, as always,

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