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263284 "Joseph Sullivan" <joe@j...> 2017‑09‑10 Re: Shovel vs spade and internet plagiarism

Yes, but, I have long-handled pointy spades with no D,  as well as short
D-handled sharp shooters and diggers.


Joseph Sullivan

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For 11 years starting at age 11 I worked at my uncle's tree farm in northern
Ohio.  A spade was a subset of shovels and it had a blade that was longer
than wide and a D - handle.

That's my uncle's opinion.

Ed Minch

On Jun 5, 2017, at 11:51 AM, Matthew Groves  wrote:

> That's my opinion. 
> I think the term usually referred to not simply the head shape but also to
the shorter d-shaped handle.
> By now it's used legitimately either way.

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