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262840 Dwight Beebe <dwb1124@g...> 2017‑08‑13 Re: Concern for the list
Gracious Galoots,

I would simply like to say, as a relative newcomer from 2006, that this was
the place that helped me become a hand-tool only woodworker.  I simply
don't think that I could have enjoyed what I've done and developed the
understanding I have about woodworking tools without the generous,
knowledgeable people of this group.  Yes, posting photos is clunky and
sometimes traffic is not of direct interest to me, but when I want to share
something with people who get it, here's where I come.  When I have a
banal, oft-asked question that I need an answer for, I know I can ask it
here (or search the Archives) and get a genuinely good answer.  I, too,
miss the wonderful stories that more regularly populated the list and know
that there are too many folks who just aren't here to participate anymore.
I'm a member of a Facebook spoon-carving group that has considerable
traffic and I can ask questions there, but here I can peruse the answers to
my questions without searching through endless threads.

So, in closing, thanks everyone.  Let's just keep rolling along.  This is a
great place to be.



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