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262837 "Brent Parkin" <brent@e...> 2017‑08‑12 Re: Concern for the list
This whole conversation had me making the trip through the archives.  There
have been some fun times on the list.  Happily there will still be more.
Just different.

Anybody remember how when Pete and Patrick announced the IT Saws, we all
lost our minds getting on the list to order them?  Remember how everyone
would post their IT serial number on the bottom of their posts.  Then Eddie
Sirotech started making Adria saws and we jumped to get those as well.  I
have one of Petes and one of Eddies saws still.  They will only leave my
shop when the auction happens once I'm gone.

Remember Michael Lewis' stories about the old guy he worked with named Max?
I met Michael and the famous Steve Lamantia once in Seattle when I was out
that way on business.

Remember needing to aquire YB planes?

Great folks!!  All the Galoots are.  I tip my original Stealth hat to you
all.  And each time I walk in the shop and see my Galoot bumper sticker it
brings a smile.

Keep on keeping on you knuckle draggin Neanderthals.  

Brent Parkin
Regina, SK
Canada eh!

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