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262833 Brent A Kinsey <brentpmed@c...> 2017‑08‑12 Re: Concern for the list
I have only been following or on the list for the last 10 or 15 years, new by
galoot standards. But I can tell you that there is only one other group that I
would stop and drop a tool in the mail to one of them without thinking twice.
The women and men of this group are the most thoughtful, kindest and most
generous group I have had the pleasure to associate with.  There is a sense of--
well, security-- for lack of a better term. This format helps maintain the
extended family feel and certainly culls the trolls and flamers. I too wish
pictures were easier, but that is a small inconvenience for me.

Many times I read posts and just absorb knowledge, feeling I don't have enough
experience to offer meaningful comment. The few areas where I have experience I
share with the usual YMMV.  I suspect that is part of the reason why there is
less banter at times, many are absorbing from those of you with vastly more
experience. I also suspect that many times things that are thought to be common
knowledge are left unsaid, and newer Galoots may miss out on pearls of wisdom.

Ok, off to sharpen something...


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