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262826 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2017‑08‑12 Re: Rosewood, et al
On 2017-08-12 10:19 AM, Charles Driggs wrote:
> Now that’s a great change for TSA.  I lost a couple of nice small knives to
their rigid rules.  Now that I won’t fly anymore, losing them to inspections of
the bin contents and wand searches is no longer an issue.  I’m happy not to
stand in those cattle lines too.  I may have to look at some of those TSA
auctions to see if there are any deals out there.

This hadn't occurrred to me before now, but I think next time I fly, 
I'll just put stamped  & addressed padded envelope in one of the outside 
pockets of my carry-on bag.


On Jan. 26, 2016, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) ruled that the
Government of Canada racially discriminates against 165,000 First Nations

“Until all of us have made it, none of us have made it.” - Rosemary Brown, the
first Black woman elected to a Canadian legislature

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