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262818 Brent Parkin <brent@e...> 2017‑08‑12 Re: Concern for the list

I have been on the list since the late 90's. Not the part of the first wave of
Galoots, but the second wave I would think.

I too remember when the banter was fast and heavy. I used to get the posts at
work and it kept me sane during the work day. Lol.  But I have noticed now that
sometimes days go by without a post.

But I have noticed many of us also belong to groups like Lumberjocks or Facebook
groups like the Unplugged woodworkers. I think that despite the charm of our old
mailing list format, sometimes the list is just awkward to work with. I know
when I finished my tool chest last year I would have liked to show it off, but
dealing with pictures or videos is annoying at best. The other pseudo porches
make it easy and laziness can get the better of you. So I posted about the chest
and other stuff I have been making on those sights. (Guess I better start
polishing the spittoon).

But even though the times have changed on the WEB, this group is by far the
kindest friendliest group overall (Although Lumberjocks is a nice spot too).
Spots like the FB groups often have arguments and nasty posts popping up. They
get sorted by their Admins, but it just doesn't happen like that here.

The list may be a little slower.... so am I these days. But it is the spot that
feels like home.  It will always be my home spot for Woodworking.

I sure do wish photo posts could happen but hey you can't have it all. 


Brent Parkin
Regina, SK
Canada eh!

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