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262311 Tony Blanks <dynnyrne@i...> 2017‑05‑18 Re: I seek wisdom re toothing plane blades
On 18/05/2017 6:58 PM, paul womack wrote:
> Tony Blanks wrote:
>  > Since the "depth of cut" when used to scratch the surface of a 
> piece with such a plane is effectively the depth of the vee between 
> the teeth, it seems to me to make sense to grind these blades with a 
> steeper bevel to better support the teeth.
> But the effective depth of the vee is a combination of the 
> perpendicular depth of the vee, AND THE BEVEL ANGLE.
> It is obvious that grinding at 90 degrees would give no teeth at all, 
> the rest follows by extrapolation.
>  BugBear

Oh that hurts, but thanks Bugbear.  Clearly I spent too much time being 
puzzled by this problem and insufficient time analysing, thinking about, 
or even giving passing consideration to how the 'teeth' are formed.  I 
was thinking in terms of the toothed edge of the blade, rather than that 
the teeth are the product of a ridged face and the bevel angle.  2 
lessons in one response is good value!


Tony B
Hobart, Tass

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