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262304 Brent A Kinsey <brentpmed@c...> 2017‑05‑18 Re: Garden Gate - help needed please!
John wants to build an outdoor garden gate for his daughter.

I agree with the others, thicker and pegged.  Use the thinner material at the
muntins and mullions--the window portion at the top--and again at the slats in
the bottom to give the relief and shadow lines you want.

Note that the rails are morticed into the stiles, that way there is not a
horizontal opening for water to migrate into the main frame.  (I guess rails are
almost always morticed into the stiles now that I think about it...)

And teach them about yearly maintenance on wooden out door structures so it
lasts a good long while. I can't wait to see the pictures, it will be a
beautiful gate and they will remember you each time they use it.


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