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262297 Norm Wood <normw013@f...> 2017‑05‑18 Re: Rusty Nickel
Hi Bill,

On 17 May, Bill Webber wrote:

> I think oxidized nickel is simply dull nickel looking.  Anyway, I'm
> thinking the presence of rust on a nickel-ed plane indicates plating
> loss and rust of the underlying iron. 

I have an older #90 (Stanley small rabbet plane, Jeff) that per B&G is
nickel plated, and this one looks like nickel rather than chrome.  There
are some areas where the nickel is gone, and the surface underneath has
a dull reddish-brown color.  Rather than rust, this looks more like a
plating applied prior to the nickel.  The surface is smooth and the
color doesn't rub off on my hands.  I seem to remember that for some
materials, copper is applied prior to the final plate to help the final
plate adhere, but I can't point to a reference now.


 - Madison, WI

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