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262173 Kirk Eppler <eppler.kirk@g...> 2017‑04‑17 Recent Find leads to a Question
Hey gang

Last weekend I hit a hoarders sale, and picked up an interesting CS Osborne
tool (which immediately said Leatherworking). I went to their current
catalog, and found nothing similar.  But I did find a few pages of a
vintage catalog with tinsmith tools, so I need to think elsewhere too.

It is in the middle left of this picture,

About 12" long, with the iron going through the handle.  The shape of the
shaft is an irregular taper, straighter at the handle end, tapering about
half way down to a dull tip, not awl sharp. Thought sharpening steel or
drawbore pin, neither of which made sense.

Anyone have a vintage catalog, and can see if this is in there?

I found it with a nice nearly sharp Dexter knife, and left some other lip
knives behind, which is why I thought leatherworking.

Other cool finds included a set of 1080 Sargent blades in the original
roll, and a set of Ramelson turning tools IOB.


Thanks for any help on the Osborne
Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, CA, where the tools are migrating around the
shop right now, hoping to find a forever home in a cabinet instead of on
the bench.

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