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262024 Anthony Seo <tonyseo@p...> 2017‑03‑20 Re: An Amish Yard Sale
On 3/20/2017 1:04 PM, Charlie Driggs wrote:

> I will add that there used to be a business in Intercourse, PA run by a young
Amish man who only sold woodworking and household tools.  He sold some that were
worn out for the decoration market, but if I asked them he would lead me to the
good stuff.  Last time I was there, his shop was gone.  Nice guy.

Yeah, more than a few years ago when I was living down in York County, I 
happened on that place one Saturday while out touring antique shops.   I 
do remember picking up a few nice English complex molders there (which I 
might even still have in my stash).  Places like that just ain't much 
around any more

Tony (where the driveway is finally starting show after last weeks bit 
of winter fun...ugh)


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