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262019 Brian Welch <brian.w.welch@g...> 2017‑03‑20 Re: astounding
That's Ruedi Kohler, that taught Drew Langsner coopering and set him on his
woodworking path back in the 70s.  There is an article about him in FWW #40
(May/June 1983).  Not many articles about coopering out there, really, and
this is one of the better ones.

Speaking of Drew Langsner, did anyone else see that he is retiring from
teaching and closing down Country Workshops. I had wanted to take a class
there but will never get a chance.

I do have a nice stack of riven white oak drying in the back yard that will
hopefully be turned into a wooden bucket by the end of the summer.  Not
sure which summer, but one of these summers soon!


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