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262004 "jjb-aia@j..." <jjb-aia@j...> 2017‑03‑17 Re: Staples (Now Duo-Fast 550 and Bostitch H2B)
I have a #550 hammer-tacker as well as a Duo-Fast hand stapler and they use the
same staples. I have found the required half inch wide crown staples (the 5 in
your staple size 508) by both Stanley and Arrow at the Borg. The Arrow series
are listed as "#60x", where the "x" corresponds to the leg length in sixteenths,
like the Duo-Fast number. The Stanley stuff is hiding with my hand stapler in a
"safe place" in the shop, so no specifics available at the moment. Wide crown is
the typical identifier. Also works in Craftsman staplers.

If anyone knows of a non-proprietary source of staples for a Bostitch H2B hammer
tacker, (sort of a gable roof cross section) I would like to hear about it.


John J. Butkus, AIA
Consulting Architect
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Hi galoots---??? I'm hoping one or more of you can help me out--I have a 30s-40s
vintage Duo-Fast ?"AutomaticHammer" stapler; not so very different from the
ubiquitous Arrow hammer stapler, except that it's superior in every way, and
doesn't fit the staples you can buy these days. If you happen to have any boxes
of Duo-Fast 508-1/4" or 5010-5/16", I probably have something nice to trade for
them---something that you need, even if it's merely cash. Apparently, this
machine also fits a 3/8" staple, at least someone went to the trouble to scratch
"X-3/8" in to the plating next to the factory specs, so if there's a Duo-Fast
5012 or something 3/8" that's sescribed at fitting a Duo-Fast Model 550, it's
gotta be the one I want most. ?I could trade a thousand or so 1/4" for a
different size, if someone wanted to do that. They're useful, that short, but
? ? ? ? ? ? ?best to all galoots, everywhere: gam in OlyWA-USA?How horrible it
is to have so many people killed!---And what a blessing one cares for none of
Jane Austen

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