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22485 Ted Scott <ted@m...> 1997‑07‑22 Re: Ibbotson Chisels
On 22 Jul 97 at 9:02, Brent D. Beach wrote:
> How do Ibbotson paring chisels compare?


They create such a large vacuume that you are in grave danger. You 
must send them to me for proper disposal. 


Just say they is my personal faves, I will buy anything Ibbotson

22480 Brent D. Beach <ub359@f...> 1997‑07‑22 Ibbotson Chisels
The Ibbotson mark has appeared in connection with a superior 
(looking) saw, but I cannot recall its use in connection with

How do Ibbotson paring chisels compare?


Brent Beach, Victoria, BC, CA

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