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154582 "N.A. Mitkowski" <nathaniel.mitkowski@c...> 2006‑01‑02 New Haven Edge Tool Co.
I have been trying to get some information on the New Haven Edge Tool 
Company and have not had much luck.  All I know for sure is:

1.  It is listed as a "former" Sargent Brand in the 1911 Sargent 
Catalog, referencing drawknives.

2.  No Company by the name of New Haven Edge Tool Co. existed in New 
Haven in 1840, 1846, 1860, 1893, 1894, or 1905-1912.  This 
information comes from the New Haven City Directories and a Yale 
professor who has posted all manufacturers in New Haven in 1897 
including CEO, products, capital, etc.

So if by 1911, Sargent was calling it a former brand, did they make 
chisels and drawknives as New Haven Edge Tool for an extended time 
and when would they have started, assuming 1911 was the drop dead 

Is the brand listed in any earlier catalogs?

Why would they bother doing this?  In 1911 they relabelled NHET Co. 
products into the VBM line, so it was not a handyman special or 
lesser quality product line.

Someone has previously mentioned that Sargent bought out NHET Co., 
but this is only possible if it was being produced by a differently 
named company or NHET Co. was not actually in New Haven, I can't find 
any directories for an early enough time period for the surrounding 

One other possibility (although I am doubtful):  New Haven 
Manufacturing Co. was formed in 1850 and made "machine tools".  There 
is an 1864 Scientific American advertisement off of www.owwm.com that 
shows them making "lathes, planers, shapers, slotters, etc.".  And 
they are in the New Haven directories until 1912 but disappear in 
1921 and all following years (there is a gap between 1912 and 1921). 
This might be explained by Sargent buying their edge tool production 
and them soon folding?  The name  "New Haven Manufacturing Company" 
still exists today but the company under that name does software.

I don't think this is likely, it would be just as easy for them to 
put "New Haven Mfg Co" on edge tools, why put something else?

There was also some mention that Jennings actually owned this 
company, but as I mentioned, there is no listing for NHET Co. as an 
actual company.

Does the DAT have anything to say on the matter, for those of your 
fortunate enough to own a copy?


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