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113516 Minch <ruby@m...> 2003‑01‑22 Re: saw sharpening made a little easier
BB wrote:

> In practice there are TWO tasks, which happen to be carried
> out by the same process.
> 1) Jointing - creating an even upper "plane" on the teeth
> 2) flat creation - creating visible upper surfaces to guide the filing
> process.
> If your saw is already at condition (1) you just perform
> operation (2), which might also be described as ultra (ULTRA)
> gentle jointing.

IMHO if you have condition 1 and have sharped 'em up and set 'em, then at
re-file time there is no need to do even the slightest jointing.  Just do
the identical number of strokes at the identicl pressure on every tooth and
they will be pretty close to level.  In fact, if your reasonable at it, you
can probably get 2 sharpenings before setting and 3-4 before jointing.  I
learnt this from a carpenter born in 1900 when he was 74, having come up at
a time when all the tools he bought were sweethearts.

Ed Minch

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