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Recent bird observations

Observations from the last 3 months.

CodeCommon NameLocationDescriptionDateComments
OCWAOrange-crowned WarblerHomeAround deck railing2019-08-17
SPGRSpruce GrouseHomeOn the road near green bus2019-08-13Seven!
RTHARed-tailed HawkHomeFlying over road, yard2019-08-09Harlan’s
CANGCanada GooseHomeOn the creek by the red cabin2019-08-05Three
YSFLYellow-shafted FlickerHomeFlying near shed2019-08-02Pair or adult and young
BEKIBelted KingfisherHomeCreek between house and red cabin2019-08-01
SWTHSwainson’s ThrushHomeOn dog yard fence2019-06-17Carrying food

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