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Recent bird observations

Observations from the last 3 months.

CodeCommon NameLocationDescriptionDateComments
NSHRNorthern ShrikeHomeTop of the dying birch tree just outside the dog yard2019-11-24
NOGONorthern GoshawkHomeFlew over woodsheds2019-11-23
DOWODowny WoodpeckerHomeSide of the house2019-11-15Female
CAJACanada JayHomePeanut butter feeder2019-11-03Pair
BCCHBlack-capped ChickadeeHomeTube feeders2019-11-03
BCCHBlack-capped ChickadeeHomeTube feeders2019-11-03
NOGONorthern GoshawkABRFlying across Peat Ponds2019-11-01
HAWOHairy WoodpeckerHomeNext to picture window2019-11-01Male
PIGRPine GrosbeakHomeTray feeder2019-11-01Female
DOWODowny WoodpeckerHomeSmall tube feeder2019-10-27
DOWODowny WoodpeckerHomeTube feeder on the deck2019-10-21
ATTWAmerican Three-toed WoodpeckerHomeWest side of the house near fuel tank2019-10-20Made a roost cavity in the wall
BBWOBlack-backed WoodpeckerHomeDead tree behind red cabin2019-10-07
BCCHBlack-capped ChickadeeHomeBirch tree outside kitchen window2019-10-06Splitting a sunflower seed
BCCHBlack-capped ChickadeeHomeBirch tree outside dog yard2019-10-06
BOCHBoreal ChickadeeHomeFeeder tree on corner of deck2019-10-06
NOGONorthern GoshawkHomeFlew across driveway and creek2019-09-24Immature bird?
BBWOBlack-backed WoodpeckerHomeBirch trees near red cabin2019-09-23Female
RUGRRuffed GrouseGoldstream ValleyNext to road at the top of the hill2019-09-22Three
HAWOHairy WoodpeckerHomeTube feeder2019-09-10

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