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229505 James Thompson <oldmillrat@m...> Apr-30-2012 Re: turning tool handles
The tang doesn't need to go all the way into the handle. I make my lathe tool
handles about 14" long for the larger ones, 12" for smaller sizes. A 1" diameter
ferrule is about right. Diameter is dependent on how big your hands are. My
hands are big, so I like 1 1/8" for the grip.

You need to heat the tang red hot while the tool is secured in the vise. Then
push the handle onto the tang. It won't go all the way the first time. repeat as

If the handle you make doesn't suit you, just remove the ferrule and make
another one.

On Apr 30, 2012, at 8:00 PM, Adam R. Maxwell wrote:

> GGs,
> I need some advice on handle sizes for a couple of old Buck Bros. tools
> I picked up to use with my pole lathe:
> http://tinyurl.com/7b6qq4m
> The tangs are about 1" wide at the widest part, and 1/4-5/16" thick.
> Any idea what size handle these would have come with?  Should I just
> make the largest handle I can grip?  Getting the tangs seated without
> splitting is going to be fun, too...
> Dunno how long these were when new, but the photo really doesn't show
> how massive they are.  That gouge is steadier on the toolrest than my
> import 1" gouge, even without a handle!
> thanks,
> Adam
> Port Angeles, WA
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