American Red Squirrel (TAHU)

location description date comments
Home Tray feeder 2019‑01‑01
Home On the deck 2018‑01‑01
Home Spruce tree across slough 2017‑01‑01
Home Tray feeder 2016‑01‑02
Home Feeders 2015‑01‑01
Home On deck railing near feeders 2014‑01‑01
Home Green feeder 2013‑11‑28
Home Feeder 2013‑04‑16
Home Tray feeder 2012‑01‑01
Home On deck gate 2011‑06‑18
Home Deck railing and feeders 2011‑01‑01
Home In tray feeder 2010‑01‑01
Home On feeders. 2009‑01‑01
Home Eating sunflower seeds on green feeder 2008‑06‑04

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